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For Michel Tremblay, the play Les belles-soeurs (The Step-sisters) marks the beginning of a long and illustrious career
Michel Tremblay

Michel Tremblay (1942 - )

Michel Tremblay rose to fame immediately with his play entitled Les belles-soeurs (The Sisters-in-law). Just as quickly, he became the focus of attention of the world of theatre, sparking controversy. Yet Tremblay was no beginner. In 1964, he won first prize in the Jeunes auteurs contest hosted by Radio-Canada with a play entitled Le train (The Train). Two years later, he published Contes pour buveurs attardés (Tales for Belated Drinkers). After Les belles-soeurs, Tremblay followed suit with other plays, novels and short fiction books at a regular pace, making him one of the most prolific authors in Quebec today. Like Les belles-soeurs, his plays entitled La duchesse de Langeais and À toi pour toujours, ta Marie-Lou (Forever yours, Marie-Lou) are real knockouts!

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