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Jean Lesage, the new Premier of Quebec, offers his first impressions of the Liberal Party win during the elections of 1960.
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The Election of 1960: the Expression of a Will to Change [Jean Lesage]: We may have but a small majority, but it is a marvellous victory.
It's a victory for young people, is it not, who are now liberated from insecurity for the future
It is a victory for the mothers of families who were worried about the future of the family upon which we intend to center our policy
When I referred to young people, obviously I was thinking about education
And it is a victory for the entire population, for workers, for businessmen who see in us economic stability and economic security
And I am very confident, in light of the percentages seen on the vote that we will hold a majority in Parliament and that we will be able to offer our province an honest government, sound administration and steady progress. I am convinced this evening and I am very happy.
I want to thank the population in the province for fighting, beating and overthrowing the electoral machine of the Union nationale; it was writhing in its death throes, but it was too late
And like I have often said, fear changed sides and this is how we won, how the people of the Province of Quebec vanquished.