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Minister Paul Gérin-Lajoie presents the broader objectives of the Ministry of Education.
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n/a [Host A]: Since yesterday, Quebec has a Ministry of Education.
It replaces the Ministry of Youth and the Department of Public Instruction, if my memory serves me.
It is the outcome of the inquiry into education led by the Parent Commission and the famous Bill 60 finally adopted after having been redrafted.
Minister of Education Paul Gérin-Lajoie is with us now.
[Host B]: Mr. Lajoie, now that the Ministry of Education is a fact and the Minister and deputy ministers named, what is the primary goal may I ask you what the primary goal of the Minister of Education is?
[Paul Gérin-Lajoie]: Well, the primary goal is undoubtedly for education to be made available in Quebec to all young people, boys and girls, and that it be made possible for young people not only to obtain an education, but an education adapted to each individual based on the person's aptitudes, motivation and personal ambition while considering the openings that may be available in life.
But this is a very general goal that would involve the regionalization of education with regional school boards.
A very diversified high school program, and an easier transition from public high school to university.
So this means that change will not occur overnight.