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Speech by the Premier of Quebec, the Honourable Maurice Duplessis, presented during a banquet at the Hôtel Windsor in Montréal on May 7, 1956.
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The Long Reign of the Union nationale [Applause]
On the other hand, you have a set of achievements
A government that does something for its province
A government that contributes to the prosperity and progress that everyone can see
That everyone can see if they open their eyes
A government that has taken action such that today....
... The Province of Quebec, among all the provinces of the Confederation
is the fastest progressing province
Which means that... In the past decade... In this beautiful Province of Quebec
Initiatives have been taken that have allowed the people of the Province of Quebec to benefit from these developments
In the past ten years, thousands of new companies have set up in business in the Province of Quebec
It is in the hundreds of millions that capital has come here to develop our resources, establish new industries
I repeat, American capital, British capital, French capital
They are welcome, insofar as they respect our laws and treat our people fairly