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Florence Bird, President of the Commission named in her honour explains the need for a Royal Commission on the status of women in Canada and her mandate.
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The Bird Commission on the Status of the Canadian Woman [journalist]: Mrs. Bird, were your surprised to receive the telephone call from Mr. Pierson
[Bird]: I was deeply moved, I didn't have the slightest idea that my name was being considered
So I was completely astonished.
and I told him that I needed 24 hours to discuss the situation with my husband.
But is it extraordinary, no, I didn't have a clue
[j]: And did you discuss it with your husband?
[F]: of course, because if he did not give me his cooperation and trust, I would be able to do nothing without his assistance.
[j]: Now you are the President of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women.
A Royal Commission is very serious, is it not?
[F]: It is very serious and I hope that we can accomplish a great deal; there is much to study and much work to do also.
[j]: But do women in Canada have enough problems to justify a Royal Commission?
[F]: The women think so and I think they are right.
Because there is legislation from the time of, lets say,
Queen Victoria, and Queen Victoria is dead, but the laws still remain.