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Part of the speech made by Claude Charron, Vice-presieent of International Affairs for the Union générale des étudiants du Québec in October 1968 at the Université de Montréal sports centre. At the time Quebec was a hothouse for student protests.
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Youth Protests [crowd]
[Claude Charron]: That those who write the history of Quebec with their vagaries and incongruities who will now have to reckon with us
[CC]: Before their failure, before their fear, before their solitude, we can say this afternoon that we are ready to relieve them!
If there is, if there is a theme
If there is a theme that has underscored the students course of action recently, it is the idea that this relief
It is the idea that this relief of those who have failed irreparably
Who, from the very crux of their values have built a society that is downright repressive
And whose progressive style had not sufficed to cover up the sterility that is theirs
When we will have, when we, we have to relieve them
It will perhaps come more quickly and in a completely different manner than normally expected of a generation
[?]: I have known the other generations...