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Michelle Lasnier in 1981, the year before her show was withdrawn from Radio-Canada broadcasting
Michelle Lasnier in 1981
Of all the hostesses of the Femme d'aujourd'hui show, Aline Desjardins is the one who held the position longest, some 13 years
Aline Desjardins

Aline Desjardins (1935-) and Michèle Lasnier (1930-)

As the years went by, hosts came and went on the Femme d'aujourd'hui show: Lizette Gervais, Louise Arcand, Rachel Verdon. There was even a co-host, Yoland Guérard. However, Aline Desjardins hosted the show for the longest time: 13 years from 1966 to 1979. Mrs. Desjardins began her career as a radio news broadcaster in Sherbrooke. She debuted on television with Radio-Canada in the mid 1960s alongside Wilfrid Lemoine in the Aujourd'hui show. Then, in 1966, she replaced Lizette Gervais as host of the daily Femme d'aujourd'hui show. On a number of occasions, Mrs. Desjardins incurred the wrath of men who considered the popular afternoon show subversive, encouraging women to get out of the house.

In addition to Mrs. Desjardins, Radio-Canada's flagship program boasted another mainstay, producer Michèle Lasnier. Mrs. Lasnier also worked as a journalist at La Presse. In 1960, she founded Châtelaine, a women's magazine, with Fernande Saint-Martin. In 1966, Radio-Canada entrusted her with the supervision of its new show, Femme d'aujourd'hui, an undertaking that she carried out with passion and conviction for 16 years.

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