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The artisans of L'Osstidcho in 1968: singer Louise Forestier, comedian Yvon Deschamps, Mouffe (Claudine Monfette), singer and songwriter Robert Charlebois, and, in the background, Jazz Libre du Québec
The artisans of L'Osstidcho in 1968

The Creators of L'Osstidcho

In 1968, the first part of L'Osstidcho was hosted by Robert Charlebois and Louise Forestier. The latter had already been performing in coffee houses for several years. In 1966, Forestier won a contest organized by the Le Patriote theatre and was proclaimed a Discovery during Jeunesse oblige aired on Radio-Canada. Robert Charlebois received the same award in 1965, the year he recorded his first album. Like many others at the time, Charlebois was an artist following in the steps of Félix Leclerc. A second album was produced in 1966, followed by a third in 1967. That same year, he won an award at a festival in Belgium, another at a festival in Poland and the Grand prix du disque in France. Then he travelled to California whence he returned transformed from a musical standpoint. He was the first artist to use an electric guitar and Quebec's first rock star.

Taking centre stage during the second part of the Mouffe show were Claudine Monfette (Mouffe's real name) and Yvon Deschamps, originally a man of the theatre and a musician before becoming a highly popular comedian in Quebec. The very politically oriented Le Jazz libre du Québec quartet also ranked among artists performing in L'Ossticho.

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