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Artist Marcelle Ferron talks about glasswork and her passion for thisunique material.
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The World of Literature and the Arts in Ferment [Marcelle Ferron]: eh, I thought about glass completely by chance, and I said to myself, that's what I'm looking for it is the material that I am passionate about.
It was there and I had to learn the technique and hem.., I met Michel Blouin, a friend who would become a close friend and who had already perfected a technique to created huge splashes of colour.
I wanted to work with tiny pieces of glass encrusted in lead; I wanted to do things that can be adapted to contemporary architecture
So I sought an opportunity for extensive creative latitude for example, a wall of glass adapted to the architecture, and if it had to accommodate the view of a tree or garden or hide a hovel, well I am just as creative with glass as with paint.
It is a material where I can have free rein
[journalist]: So, you must understand it completely,
[MF]: Yes. It must be understood to the point that I decided to make it myself.
Because I was pushing and prepared to dive off the deep end. Am when I dive, I have no idea if I will succeed and how much time it will last. I know nothing
[j]: Ok, well, how is glass made? What do you do to make it?
[MF]: Hah! Glass is very complicated, the world of glass; first of all it is a material that I view as one of the greatest,
There is a reason why it has flourished over the centuries it is a material with a huge impact on people's psyche,
It is a very warm material, very much alive, very subtle and which can be changed endlessly and all that
It is a capricious material, but because of that it has corresponding qualities
It is sensitive, it is hem...very peculiar but hem... making glass is something else, it is a purely technical endeavour
And form, binding myself to a technique and discovering a new material as a result of these techniques for me it is a totally new form of training; it is a completely new, huh...for example, it taught me to work with care
Because if I work, for example with a Rochshock(?) that cuts glass, my enlargements have to be properly made we have to agree on cuts and all that.
It's called learning to work as a team. Something I had never done before and which has brought me a lot
[j]: But I thought...