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The initial reactions of writer Marie-Claire Blais when she wins the prestigious Médicis award in 1966.
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n/a [journalist]: The novel by Marie-Claire Blais: "Une saison dans la vie d'Emmanuelle" has received ample reviews here in France in almost all newspapers and very favourable ones.
Which explains why the cultural department of the Canadian embassy invited the young writer to come to Paris for the simultaneous awarding of the Séminat and Médicis awards, prizes for which she was one of the leading candidates.
First there was deception concerning the Séminat award where Marie-Claire Blais received three votes on the first round and two on the ninth round then came the moment of glory with the proclamation of the Médicis award.
[girl]: the Médicis award of1966 is awarded to Marie-Claire Blais for her book, "Une saison dans la vie d'Emmanuelle"
With six votes versus four for Jean-Louis Bergonzo for his "L'auberge Espagnole", and two for Jean-Claude Emri for his "Curriculum Vitae"
[journalist]: Marie-Claire Blais then went to the [inaudible] where the proclamation had just taken place and before the journalists caught up with her, we were able to obtain her initial reactions:
[j]:Is the Médicis award very important to you Marie-Claire Blais?
[Marie-Claire Blais]: Yes, it is important, very important,
[j): It's a big step in your life, it can change the [inaudible]?
[M-CB]: No, it won't change the [inaudible] of my work, it is very important for the heart though [laughter].