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In an interview, Yvon Deschamps, Louise Forestier and Robert Charlebois the nature of the L’Osstidcho.
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A Show with a New Twist: L'Ostidcho [?]:it is a joyous team, in which, a team which includes the sole electoral candidate to have lost his deposit at the federal election on Monday.
We find them trying to understand what has happened.
[i]: What do you think? [Yvon Deschamps]:Well, I would say that the show...[i]: We are holding back a bit
[i]: We are holding back a bit. [YD]:yeah [i]: we want more
[YD]:yeah, maybe, but on the other hand, a show is a show; if we allow... people to participate more, it's, it's not always in the public interest because public participation may result in the show's being terribly boring that evening.
[inaudible, they are all speaking at once]
[Louise Forestier]:...it's because the people were drunk. [YD]: Yeah, that's it, the people. [LF]: it was boring. (she laughs)
[LF]: it was boring. (she laughs)
[YD]: the people who want, they want, you know, we had people and then well, they want to participate, they participate, but the only way they can participate is to be against us.
It's like trying to demolish something systematically; at a given time you can handle it, naturally.
[LF]: That's it and able to respond at a certain moment it becomes infuriating for others in the audience because they say: are you enjoying that show there, do they want to or do they want to go home or do they want the show to stop
[i]: but contrary to other, similar shows or sketches that have been presented, for once you have the impression that it is not you who are at the service of the public, but the public that is at the service of the theatre the public reaches out to you and you do not reach out to the public; is that possible?
[YD]: yeah, it's possible in that if we decide to say something. If we had something to say, I think that the group, together
[Robert Charlebois]: yeah, yeah and we say that is what we have to say and that is how we said it.
[i]: What do you have to say? [YD]: Lots of stuff, for example we could say what is the euh... The central theme of that it's that we, I mean Robert had the idea of taking a song and creating a musical theme based on it and we are going to try to make a song that last 45 minutes. So we took themes... [inaudible]
[RB]: it is relatively easy, like in the ... [YD]: we sing something ....
[Robert starts to play the guitar] [Louise Forestier and Robert Charlebois sing, the words are inaudible]
[YD]: No, but its true, what's the use of unions? they give them nothing
Is there a union here? Nope. I have been working here for 15 years and there has been no union for 15 years. What use would it be?
Since last year, the work week has become 54 hours
We get Christmas and New Year's day off and one week's paid vacation in summer.
I don't always take it, but we get it nonetheless
Hey and I take in wages of 70, 63. With overtime, I even got 76. Not clear [music]
When I quit school at age 13, my old man was on his deathbed. He said, son, I don't have an inheritance for you
As if I expected it, given his love of drink.
He said to me there are two things that count in life: having a job and a good boss.
Blasted trade unions, that's what you get
I have been told that if you have a good boss then, well it was me who got the shop, and I asked him, is that what you are announcing, is that a summer job?
He said yes. I said to him, well, you must have been a good boss.
Ok, not bad
Do you get the idea?